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We offer international and established local health insurances. Their premiums differ accordingly to the coverage and the given annual limit per policy year, respectively per disability. As follow, you get some information about our six best-sold health insurances.

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International Health Insurance (IHI)
International Swiss Medical Plan (Denmark)
Coverage: Inpatient, outpatient, maternity, alternative medicine treatment, some pre-existing conditions, chronic conditions, dangerous sports
Dental, vision, evacuation
Remarks: Worldwide, extensive coverage, age limit to apply: 80. Deductions offered, for people with high security needs.
Equivalent to a "Privat-Krankenkasse" in Switzerland.
>More about Swiss Medical Cover (85.5KB)
>More about Swiss Medical Premium (52.2KB)

Royal Sun
Royal Sun Alliance (Thailand) Ultra Care
Coverage: Inpatient, outpatient
Options: Deductibles, maternity, dental, worldwide travel (>90 days)
Remarks: A package designed for the needs of foreigners living in Thailand.
All in-hospital treatment and service charges are fully covered, outpatient within a limit.
Access to first class hospitals in Thailand.
On request you can design your own benefits (subject to premium adjustment).
Option to upgrade to international policy (US$), if leaving Thailand.
Insured by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance (Thailand) Ltd. and premiums are payable in Thai Baht.
>More about Ultra Care Cover & premium: (221KB)
>Application Form of Royal Sun Ultra Care: (312KB)

BUPA International
Product: BUPA International Health Insurance (UK)
Coverage: Inpatient, outpatient, maternity, alternative medicine treatment, dangerous sports
Options: Healthline, evacuation, repatriation
Remarkes: Treatment in the USA and Canada only for increased premiums, good coverage, but chronic conditions excluded
>More about BUPA International Cover (68.4KB)
>More about BUPA International Premium (62.7KB)

NSI Health Care
Product: Maxi and Ultra Care (Bangkok)
Coverage: Inpatient, outpatient, maternity, chronic conditions, personal accident (death/disability)
Options: Dental, vision, travel
Remarks: Dangerous sports not covered, alternative medicine limited, treatment area limit and deductions offered, limit per disability, good coverage
>More about NSI Maxi & Ultra Cover (75.7KB)
>More about NSI Maxi & Ultra Premium (61.5KB)
>Application Form of Maxi & Ultra (304KB)

NSI Health Care, Family Plan
Product: Family Plan (Bangkok)
Coverage: Inpatient, chronic conditions, personal accident
Options: Hospital benefit expander, outpatient
Remarks: Maternity, dangerous sports and alternative medicine not covered, limit per disability, coverage sufficient for people who live mostly in Thailand and use government or private hospitals up to medium level.
>More about NSI Family Plan Cover (86.6KB)
>More about NSI Family Plan Premium (75KB)
>Application Form of NSI Family Plan (387KB)

Additional Recommendations

We offer the Health and Hospital Plan from IHI that consists of modules. This plan allws you to put together exactly what you need.
>More about IHI Health International Cover (92KB)
>More about IHI Health International Premium (61KB)

Or if you are interested in established local health insurances, we can further recommend you BUPA Blue Cross. The Thai insurance Blue Cross merged with BUPA International in 1996. BUPA Blue Cross offers the Platinum and Personal Care Insurances. Both products cover inpatient, and offer outpatient and maternity as options. They also include treatment of chronic conditions and worldwide coverage. However both insurances contain limits per expense category.
>More about Personal Care Cover (72.5KB)
>More about Personal Care Premium (64KB)
>More about Platinum Cover (67KB)
>More about Platinum Premium (48KB)

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